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Hugh Fraser M.A.




Hugh Fraser M.A. is a college English professor, novelist, trained Acupuncturist, and former Top Secret International Courier Officer for the U.S. Army. His goal is to bring to the reader fast-paced, thought-provoking, inspiring novels about wisdom, love and adventure.

Combining ancient wisdom and history with both modern and forgotten mythologies, he seeks to immerse the reader in new perspectives about consciousness – “Everything moves, like the river, toward a great ocean of infinite possibilities.”

He lives in Reno, NV and San Diego, CA with his two West Highland White Terriers—Bonnie & Genny.


Hugh Fraser is a Thriller novelist who writes with insight and wisdom

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Author Discussion

Q: The Star Tablet  tackles multiple themes. Which of these do you feel is the most important?
A: Depends on your point of view and interests. If you are fascinated by alien intervention, then the novel offers some perspective. If you are interested in religious prophecy, the novel presents an arresting idea about The Second Coming. If puzzles and enigmas are what draws you in, there’s plenty to read about.

Q: Is there a central point to the novel?
A: Multiple points, especially this point: We live in a universe where few of the answers are known, in spite of science and belief. And it’s important for an author to investigate and speculate about the mysteries of the universe.

Q: Your first novel had a female character as a centerpiece. Again—
A: Another strong female lead, because that’s where the mystery is.

Q: You employ legend and myth in your novels. Why?
A: Because legend, myth and even fairy tales are compelling. They are from history. They reflect humankind’s search for answers and hope. They add multiple dimensions to my books. Using these allows me to inform the reader in a variety of ways. In the end it’s all about conveying meaning … and making it interesting. There’s also something highly inspirational about a legend or myth.