Hugh Fraser M.A.



Hugh Fraser's mystical revelations are riveting - David McCamant Artist & Teacher


IN the beginning, the universe was calm. Nothing stirred but a dim light. A distant sound echoed across the far points of eternity. An awakening trembled at the edges. Then, streaking by starlight, an angel appeared, carrying a mirror from heaven. Turning towards a rest point, the angel glanced back, distracted, and the mirror fell, disappearing into the vast and silent universe….


Journey to the far reaches of the earth and discover the startling truth about The Mirror of God

THE MIRROR OF GOD is a provocative adventure-thriller that confronts the reader with a metaphysical enigma.

Hidden in the Valley of Souls is a secret greater than all the treasures of the world.

With help coming from three unlikely sources – a coven of witches, an old priest, and a U.S. government agent – can a hard-nosed San Francisco historian-for-hire – with uncanny powers of detection – and a rare book dealer, whose father has just been murdered, embark upon a dangerous journey into the wilds of Kashmir, where they will discover love and their destiny to solve the mystery of the mirrors.