THE OMEGA ORACLE is an end-time’s thriller book about an inspiring and dangerous journey across four continents to save the world. 

THE STAR TABLET is about a quest to discover the original language and symbols of humankind. From the distant stars, scattered throughout the world come oracles hidden for centuries and compelling evidence of alien interventions. Formerly The Alien Oracles

​​Where Wisdom, Love, & Adventure Merge

Thriller Books that raise your awareness about History, Myth, and L​egend can be hard to find ... often difficult
And there's no question mystery thriller novels are a must read.

Where Your Journey Never Ends


But the question is, other than the action, what's the Mystery Thriller novel's payoff for you?​

  • Do you gain new insights about life and love?

  • Do you learn something different about true wisdom?

  • Do you take a journey into worlds unknown?

If these questions intrigue or inspire you, then don't delay, begin your journey ... today. You won't be disappointed.

THE MIRROR OF GOD takes the reader on a dangerous, inspiring, and breathtaking journey to Heaven on Earth, a timeless place of high adventure, unending mystery, and eternal wisdom. 

THE ORACLE REBORN is a “lightning-paced” adventure-thriller book about an ancient promise. Filled with high suspense, this novel about prophecy takes you on a heart-stopping journey of discovery.

Hugh Fraser's mystical revelations are riveting - David McCamant Artist & Teacher

Hugh Fraser M.A.